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Integration Testing for Web Design

Screenbeacon is quality control for web design. You choose which parts of your website you want to monitor. We run tests and alert you if something changes.

Set up a test in minutes!

Two Ways to Create a Test

Record in browser

Record a Test in Browser

To create a quick test, use our Chrome extension to record a workflow. Screenbeacon will save your actions into a test, which will run every 30 minutes.

Chrome Install Chrome Plugin

Write Test Manually

For more fine-tuned control, you can write a test manually. This gives you access to additional control, allowing for more robust tests.

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Visual Integrations

It’s never been easier to monitor the visual appearance of your website! Choose regions of your web page to watch and Screenbeacon will notify you if something changes.

Compare Screenshots

Screenbeacon records screenshots of the website’s current appearance to see if it differs from the baseline.

1 1 base 1 2 capture 1 3 diff
  • Baseline
    Baseline Image

    The first screenshot you take of a region will be set as the baseline for future tests.

  • Capture
    Captured Image

    For each time a test is run, Screenbeacon captures the region in its current state.

  • Diff
    Image Difference

    If the capture differs from the baseline, Screenbeacon will produce a diff.

Additional Integrations

Start monitoring your sites UX in detail. We give you the tools to track all the interactions on your website.

  • Multiple screenshots
    Multiple Screenshots

    Take several screenshots in a single test.

  • Browser width
    Browser Width

    Monitor your web design on every device.

  • Page regions
    Page Regions

    Screenshot the whole page or individual regions.

  • Workflows

    Record workflows to ensure that nothing is missing.

  • Pseudo classes
    Pseudo Classes

    Screenshot states for :hover, :focus, :active and more!

  • Authenticated states
    Authenticated States

    Store authentication info to test logged-in states

  • Content changes

    Check to see if certain content is present on the page.

  • Event triggering
    Event Triggering

    Trigger events (like a modal opening) and take screenshots of the result.

Detailed Error Reporting

Whenever an error is detected, you'll receive a detailed report. This lets you take steps toward resolving an issue as soon as it appears!

Alert details

Github Integration

GitHub Integration

Create and automatically resolve Github issues for repos.

Email Alerts

Email Alerts

Receive alerts and resolve issues directly in your inbox.

Monitor & Analyze

Set up in minutes

Easily capture regions to monitor with our Chrome extension. More browsers coming soon!

Automatic testing

Screenbeacon constantly checks your pages for style and visual abnormalities.

Get notified right away.

You’ll recieve an alert via email when something breaks. SMS & HipChat notifications are coming soon.

Everywhere you are

Get notified and manage your alerts on your mobile device or desktop.

Identify broken interactions.

If something as small as a color or position changes, you’ll know right away.

Find out why it broke

When a page breaks you can analyze our visual and code diffs to find the source of the problem.

Build an archive.

Explore your site’s visual evolution over time.

Detailed Reports

Read and generate reliability reports for your pages

Keep your website looking beautiful

Don't let design bugs cost you. Start monitoring your website today!